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Our Unlikely Journey into the World of 3D Printing

Have you ever found yourself venturing into unknown territory, armed with nothing but a curious mind and a dash of audacity? Well, that's exactly what happened to us when we stumbled into the fascinating world of 3D printing.

Craft Clarity

Art is dead - the AI threat

AI art is causing issues for artists such as unauthorized use and lack of compensation. Solutions could be banning AI art on art platforms and using watermarks to identify authentic art and prevent AI algorithms from using them as references.

Craft Clarity

The psychology behind collecting and its relevance for NFTs

Collecting is the fundament of civilization. Our ancient ancestors collected plants & bones. With prosperity, humans were allowed to collect for pleasure. And so we did: stamps, coins, vinyls & playing cards. Now, humanity has unlocked a new dimension to collecting: NFTs as digital collectibles.

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