Craft Clarity was officially incorporated in December 2021, and we’ve been implementing our idea of Entrepreneurship-as-a-Service with various clients for a few months now.

And yet, as people in our network keep asking, we think it is an excellent moment to shed some light on our tag line ‚Entrepreneurship-as-a-service‘ & explain what we do.

The short answer: more than anything, our service is a mindset. A mindset of agility, problem definition, and resolution - regardless of the industry and the issues. A mindset, paired with scalable methodology, aiming for efficiency and as little waste as possible.

Probably, you are seeking a more profound explanation, so let's rewind and elaborate on what we consider to be at the heart of Craft Clarity.

Our Interpretation of Entrepreneurship

To understand our approach, it is vital to go beyond what we consider a perceived & simplified definition of Entrepreneurship.

Generally, Entrepreneurship is associated with starting a new business & pursuing new opportunities. Fair enough - even the Cambridge Dictionary points this way:

„Entrepreneurship: skill in starting new businesses, especially when this involves seeing new opportunities.“

This definition is not wrong, but it does not entirely capture our business purpose. Craft Clarity has a broader definition which includes states beyond new businesses. The one definition which comes closest to our idea has been articulated by the Harvard Business School (HBS) and reads:

„Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled.“
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To fully grasp this definition, let's expand on the core elements.

„Pursuit“ ultimately implies a focus on a goal and tangible progress.

„Opportunity“ goes beyond just new things; any business may be presented with untapped opportunities at any stage, at any time.

Lastly, „resources controlled“ is crucial as it reminds us that regardless of the business ventures, irrespective of how much capital our partners may have, exploring opportunities always means taking a particular risk and allocating resources without guaranteeing a payback.

Said differently, we always have in mind that capital is not limitless and that we are working off a client budget that goes ‚beyond resources controlled’.

Don‘t misunderstand this for operating a low-budget service; it just means we are highly conscious that at times, entrepreneurship (as in exploring opportunities) means you have to go the extra mile and be familiar with the term ‚bootstrapping’.

Hopefully, this review of how we understand Entrepreneurship lays a sufficient foundation for us to expand on what we do, how we do it, and who we are.

What Craft Clarity does

It is simple: we support our partners holistically in exploring & achieving opportunities. As indicated above, these opportunities can be of any shape. They may be genuinely innovative new avenues, penetrating a new segment, or as „simple“ as to reshape or digitalize internal processes to be more efficient.

When we say exploring and implementing opportunities, it means we have the knowledge to explore (traditionally seen as consulting). Still, we can go further by accompanying our partners in seizing the opportunity.

The beauty is that we deliver our service regardless of the industry, from (an initial) strategic advisory to building and scaling full-operational solutions. As a team, we have worked in more than a dozen industries. As such, we can apply these learnings and use our collective knowledge across any industry and technology, always adding value to our customers.

We believe this is a fundamental difference from classic consulting, which commonly focuses solely on exploring, assessing, and planning but goes no further. The clients are then set to work on the implementation by themselves. Dropping out after the ‚theoretical’ stage often results in a loss of knowledge, unnecessarily extends delivery times & increases costs. We aim for continuity in everyones benefit.

The following two sections show how and with which resources we can deliver these holistic services.

How we Craft Clarity

Pragmatism is at the heart of our services. But pragmatism can only be successful and achieve long-term goals if it is not a hectic & chaotic quick-fix.

To unleash clever pragmatism, we root our services on scalable processes. Mainly, we chose methodology, which has its roots in design thinking - such as the ‚Double Diamond‘.

Explained in brief: explore the opportunity, reframe the discovered, so we address the right challenge(s). From ideation, the focus shifts towards creating a shippable solution. Through iteration, the solution becomes scalable, which will eventually catalyze the underlying business model.

While the roots are based in Design Thinking, Craft Clarity’s Entrepreneurship-as-Service always navigates within the four pillars of innovation:

  • Desirability: Articulate desires & frame problems on the path to innovative solutions.
  • Viability: Check plausibility, guarantee stability & prepare for sustainable scalability.
  • Feasibility: From ideation to tech prototyping & from reality check to developing lasting solutions.
  • Human Skills: Supporting stakeholders in communicating & leading change triggered by innovation.
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Who is behind Craft Clarity

The last and probably most important piece of the puzzle: The Team. When you claim that your service is primarily a mindset, you better be sure your team shares this common mindset.

We reassure you that everyone involved in Craft Clarity shares this mindset.

The true value of our team shows as we share a mindset even though our personalities & professional skill-sets are incredibly different. The trust we share and the common philosophy allow us to seamlessly combine our skills, which range from technology, tech development, UX designer, digital marketing, and executive & management consulting to business modeling and market research.

If you want to learn more about us and our services, take a look at the Craft Clarity website.

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